Yazan Haifawi
Singer / Composer / Producer
Yazan Haifawi Lead Vocalist/Lead Guitarist/Music Composer and Producer started his musical career back in 1999 when him and his band mates formed the very first alternative rock band in Amman, Jordan “Distorted”, they performed in different events and countries all over the region playing both original and cover songs. In 2010, Yazan started his own side project as a solo artist and started composing and producing a new genre of music which is a fusion between Rock, Electronic Music, Arabic tunes and scales with Arabic Lyrics. Yazan Haifawi released his first single in 2011 ”Wainek Min Zaman” which received heavy airplay on most of the top Radio stations in Jordan and in the region and still airing till now , Yazan also released “Ya Raitek” to be part of the popular TV series “Zein” and other singles during recent years. Yazan has participated in different music festivals in Jordan and in the region. In 2014 Yazan released his second album which was self titled.